Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve in Orchard

I've spent my Christmas Eve/Countdown at Orchard Road, Singapore spraying the shit and getting sprayed back by the snowspray.

Captions( Fit in yourself )-
1.Melvin got shot with coloured snow spray;
2.-7. Snowspraying, Snow Spraying, SnoWspraying, Snowspraying, snowsprayed.
8. Keat , Jordan posing :)
9. Snowspraying with umbrella as our shield.

Shit, it's a mess now. Nevermind

We happened to have our umbrellas with us so we did the Spartans-300 defensive stand only to provoked them to get shot even more xD. This is what I call fun, fun fun!


If you're wondering why I've made it all into one big picture instead of multiple pictures, that's because they all are pretty much the same thing. As I told Melvin 'Martini ' Yak and Keat, the pictures and videos all bear little significance once the atmosphere is over. It's true.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Harmony said...

its crazy to even go there and sweat nowadays.

Geoshua said...

i told him that but he didn't listen

Jordan said...

It's fun laaaaaaaa.. might want to go for New Year's similar party again.