Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where Are The PICTURES?

I wrote a nice chuck of words to share my thoughts on today's Nuffnang SG blood drive event..

The paragraph isn't meh type

..only to delete em' all after reading it back. I guess it just wasn't meant to be remembered as my writing style. It happens quite often, and it's no big deal.

Anyway, as I was trying to convey earlier, I was at the event today and I want to do a blog post on it, but can't due to the lack of pictures (none actually) of the event. Totally forgot to bring a camera so that's that. No pictures= no blog post= no updates.

Fortunately Josh, Venessa+ Venessa Jr and Valerie+Boss were all there and I'm gonna get my supply of captured moments from them asap. Josh, Van , Val, if any of you are reading this, do send me your pictures via email so I'll get to share our experience there today.

On other matters, I'm having my test whole of next week which means a lack of online appearance and almost every other thing related to it so do expect Das Connection and balistafear both to be cold as never. Should be back on the go again by Friday, who knows.

Finally I'm going to add a few new sidebar widgets to the already long list of necessary but boring shit to your right. A calender event tracker, a picture, among others.

Have a nice day.


aSyRaff said...

WOW and I couldnt recognize any of you properly =_= im such a noob hahas... emo lor I cant donate...

Jordan said...

I also can't donate yesterday. Had gone to Cambodia not too long ago, so can't due to malaria fear.

Or something like that