Monday, November 24, 2008

Reflection of Passion

I've been wondering, it's been barely a month plus since I've existed on Innit and how much social changes have I experienced ever since.

I've gotten to know a handful of people running parallel with my frequency, and also made quite a number of friends.

Well mind you, I'm that type of person who's very particular about the boundary between contacts and friends. Contacts to me are people whom I acknowledge their existence, and friends are people how I've accept into my inner circle of 'approved' contacts. It's a very in depth issue altogether so I'm skipping this whole thing altogether for today. If you get what I mean.

Anyway, I feel like pulling in names today, so among others; gay Josh the fellow KL-ite, HanPeiling the abnormal minded charbor, CathyC my neighbour's twins kaki, JunJun the occasional online conversationalist , Weijie one of the first blogger I've met in person and the special Karmen-don't-do-Innit gal. Rest includes Jess, WilliamNg, VenessaAbby, Forest Joyce, HP Celestial, Cedric , Yiling and every other idiot along the way. Not to mention the other idiot I've brainwashed into doing Nuffnang, called Geoshua. And the list goes on and on and on.

Edit: Forgot to include this BeanDots I danged her gal, and the trio MayXD, TzeLih & Joanna( whats her new name again) gal, all three who'm I've known in person before even joing Nuffnang. Links currently unavailable LOL.

Long time followers would have noted too the Sean Koh flame war I've started among others, and also the other direct hit at Nuffnang Sg but as they say, time heals. I've gotten over it all and looking back at it, it's actually rather funny how single minded I was back then. All this, which is barely just a month earlier.

Reflecting back on this too, I actually kinda like meeting new people from the blogosphere. My words coming out aren't representing my message and isn't conveying my message but heck, I'll ignore that for once.

I'm writing this today to share my social experience with everyone instead of just myself, and honestly speaking, I've got no idea where is this going. I might be criticize and slam for this, or I might get some backing for whatever reasons. Or maybe even make a new friend or two.

It's never an easy task writing out experiences and reflections to words, but I'm trying to for reasons I don't know well either. Gimme a chance, for once , listen with your heart.

Share with me your opinion about this :)


Josh said...

Damn you... So now I am da gay lar... WTF

Cathy said...

i am only your neighbour twin's kaki?? LOL

oh btw, yes, josh is the gay!

♥ JessieTan said...


slap u left n right

Yi Ling said...

every other idiot that comes along huh. you zai la huh.

Venessa ♥♥ said...

YA! Im an idiot to you la?!
Follow jess darling,Slap you left & right ! xD

Venessa ♥♥ said...

Josh is SO gay!

oikeat said...

hahahaha everyone! gals gals don't take it down too hard ( though i know you guys aren't), but i call my friends the not-so-everyday titles.

Like idiots and co. Even the geoshua guy i call him another idiot. Not literally, it's just for fun.


But the josh is gay 1.. that 1.. LOL

geoshua said...


Jordan said...

That's why I call you an idiot LOL

Go spear HPL for me too, she whipped my ass today wtf

JunJun-Riko said...

lol.. i should've known. ur comments are all also ppl complaining bout the names u called them. XDXD n who said i occasionally on9 only wor... just lately only ma. =.=

Jordan said...

JUN JUN you siao gina HAha ha.

Eh, I mean I chat with you online sometimes, not you come online sometimes.

Besides, I'm the one who comes online sometimes too.

I was about to view your blog when I stumbled upon ur comment here. Lol. Coincidence?