Sunday, November 16, 2008

Male Toilet Etiquette!

Ever wondered why guys are super highly efficient at doing their business in the toilet? Like how we never fail to go in second, and yet still come out first compared to the ladies?

Here's exactly why just so.

The Secret of.. Male Toilet Etiquette

Well, it's because we all have been born with knowledge of the Unspoken Rule Of Male Restroom Etiquette.


Seriously speaking, this is one of my personal all time favorite. If you've been wondering where on Earth do I get my inspiration/develop my sassy sweet sarcasm, this is one of it!



Horizon said...

So what if male faster doing their "business", it's nothing to be proud of. :)

Jordan said...

Haha it's not about who's faster.

It's about how. How males get it done so fast one.