Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making Something Out of Nothing: Now That's Business

Today after the routine dinner with my hostel kakiis , we went to another local supermarket to restock on our supplies when I've found myself in another typical Das-Connection situation.

The hostel kakiis

While browsing through the garbage on display there, I've came across a stack of Coke 1.5L cartons, the Coke being sold individually. The thing which caught my attention wasn't the price , but rather the label on it.

The label being as ambiguous and catchy as ever, mentioned something about the possibility of winning something Great' just by checking below the cap.

my Great ≠ your Great

From a logical person's point of view, the Great™ under that circumstances( Coke's Great™ w/o saying what, is more likely to be not-so-Great™, else they would just display the real great prize) wound be not so great, but from a optimist's point of view, the great could mean something really great.

Do you see what I see?

So I proceed to gave it a little supernatural vision of mine and picked out the lucky bottle from the lot. It's actually quite simple, there's a 99% chance the bottle I've picked out is the winning bottle for a car, but it wouldn't work on me because I'm the one who picked it out. So, what do you do with a bottle possibly containing a your-future car which you can't benifit from it directly? You sell it away.

Greatness , the Coke style

There I was then trying to convince Keat, Rahul, Melvin and the rest that just for a insanely low investment of $10, they are very likely to be a car richer. I know, I know it sounds really ridiculas from a neutral's point of view, but when it comes to things like this, you just gotta trust me.

She's just not buying it..

I asked around but apparently noone is willing to give it a go. At one corner of this island there are HDB aunties and uncle queueing up so passionately to try their luck with Singapore Pools, whilst at somewhere else there's me offering this great offer to my buddies, yet nobody's game for it. What a waste.

It's business, and it's nothing personal

So in the end I bought the Coke myself for the genuine love of Cokes and while enjoying the gassy sweetness of it, I checked the lid. And true enough, the thing didn't work on myself. Oh well.


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lol. I go buy another 1, I bring to school later sell to you for $9.95, this 1 guarantee tiok grand prize 1