Friday, November 21, 2008

It Get's Fishy When It's Too Easy

As you read this, I'm here typing it ( duh?) in a computer lab as a software quiz is underway.

I've done my paper, saw no fault in it and completed it in quite a short while. Thing is, the rest of them are mostly still doing it. Which makes me wonder, maybe there's something wrong with something.


It's gets fishy when it's too easy, yeah? It always is that way.

I hope I don't mess anything up big time now.

. . .

Update: As I posted that entry just seconds ago, my phone rang. I'm guessing it's those Nuffnang peeps calling regarding the blooddrive this Saturday. My techno ringtone broke the silence momentarily haha, just my luck?

Guess what too? The Geo-gay-shua next to me is picking the bloody lock again, of all times, now. Lol.

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