Saturday, November 15, 2008

Feedback Session: Part 2

I'm going to do a makeover, initial post here.

Frankly said,

Do's & Maintain:
1. Smart + sarcastic stuff.
2. Include some personal matters.
3. keep the simple background.
4. add funny stuff like from Geoshua's blog comment I usually leave.
5. start some flame war suggested by KB<- after you.

Improve/ Modify:

1. blog layout( modified already)
2. develop a distinct blogging style.
3. use a more definate layout. TB-considered.
4. get a catchy header-okay.

And I'm going to create another blog for personal ranting purpose, so readers of Das Connection does not need to read the boring shyt inbetween proper post.

Just for those who really cares, here.

Whatever whatever la people. Haha thanks all.


kianbung said...

alrighty. i'll look for someone worth flaming.

Jordan said...

get back to me when something is on the go. I love doing third person's perspective coverage:D