Friday, November 21, 2008

DON'T BOTHER Reading this. Unless you really care to.

BABABABABABA you know what? I've been soo engulf in blogging in recent weeks that I've lost touch of my original self. There's no longer any private life of meself, no updates on my happenings, no nuts. Just bullshit A to Z. Thing's which does not bear any mean after the short initial reading stages. There's something missing in me, in meblogging style. I hate to face it but it's just a matter of time before it comes back to get me. I'm accomplishing my goal in this battle, while also realising I'm losing this war.

Not literally, it's just a saying. Point is there was once upon a time when I blogged for personal reasons, and the blog although satisfy my inner needs, never really got going. Eventually time caught up and inconsistency got the better of it. But that blog became the inspiration to me, now, because at the very least, the entries there are linked to each another rather than more often than not, seen as Randomness like those, here. As I'm writing this, I wonder how many of you even is reading this. By now many of the visitors here would be gone already, so if you still are congrats, sincerely from me. I've made a new paragraph for that previous sentence, but I've decided to take it out, just to see who's really reading and not merely scanning through this chunk of words.

Noticed too I've started this blog entry with a BABABABA. It is actually what my friend claR calls(tease) me in class. But I've written that because, maybe deep inside I long for a total makeover. Maybe that's why I've started this shit with that. Could have been the reverse. What am I talking about? Okay, that's more randomness. Ougtta cut down on that.

I'm changing my personal views at blogging already. I'm officially out of the viewership race. That's what I say now, being a fickle minded flictshot reduces the crediblity of that. Oh well.

Nuffnang blood drive is next saturday. I hope I've done enough between now and then to merit myself with a timeout from the upcoming termtest and attend the event. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Got Josh number today unanticipated. Got more of my german classmate friend. Who is Andrew's friend too who is Priscilla's NS kaki too whom I don't know much about, nor am I wanting to know. Hypocritical again?

Maybe I ought to do this lengthy posty every now and denny for peopley who really the carry like my Where-Are-Youey Sharonny. What's with the you-know-what?

Tomorrow there's futsal again with the 23 buddyclassmates of mine. Great, soccer = no problem. Maybe not, but it's derived from the reverse, Problem = No Soccer. Right right right?

Hahaha cheers. If I listen to my inner suggestion, you followers of this blog will see more of this in the future though not often. Just there, just nice.

Bye all!


Cathy said...

i read =P why la losing yourself..come back jordan!!=)

Jordan said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy ya my neighbour's twin sister punya girl'kaki'friend!

You're unexpected presence really cheer me up :D:D

Cathy said... are welcome...XD