Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simply Surreal

Today after class me, Geoshua and Jonny had stayed back in school to study for our upcoming mid semester test(MST) next week when something else happened again.

This is Jonny. HPL calls him the Long Hair freak

..and this is Geoshua . He's the other long hair freak OMFG.

Geoshua was having a Mister Miss BE Singapore Polytechnic contest interview at 7pm, and prior to that we were doing our routine full of nonsense so-called studying. We have agreed that since we are already staying back till so late, we might as well just follow him for his interview and laugh at him give him moral support.

Their Advertisment

We jokingly tried some videoshooting to prepare Geoshua with the pressure later.. but the camera somehow still ended up towards Jonny in the end.

Geoshua testing

Jonny Testing

The time came and we went to the interviewing venue. Upon arrival the dude there suggested to us that since we all three came, we might as well just go for the interview too.

I was quite thrilled by it because, not only am I able to gain experience at handling such situation, I might also leave this event with something.

I'm officially in.

That something is less to do with winning the title, and more to do with promoting and publicising my blog to the rest. Cool yeah? Talk is cheap la, bro. Anyway, I'm sure many can think of that, but not many actually have the guts to do it. As for myself, since interviews has quite become one of my specialities, I choose to Just Do Itt.

Geoshua was positive about it too and quite supportive ( he was just trying to save his A$$ by dragging us along and sharing the spoils) but Jonny.. he's quite reluctant and unsure about it. Somehow I've managed to convince him we do this all together, and so he joins in.

Contestant #75396 - Contender or Pretender?

Geoshua went first and being the genuine and only title contender between us, he was just the typical Mr Mrs Competition material- funny, adventurous, open, confident, presentable and chilling. He said the typical answers to the related questions about it, and won their hearts like the real deal.

Come my turn, I found myself in reality, speaking my point across in such trademark manner to two bigheads plus three girls the right-most one is very pretty who were my interviewer. I was soon trying to convince them unlike those people before me, I'm different because I'm a blogger, not just any blogger but the rare breed which thrives and survives by their audience.

I continued with more of this nonsense;

I'm here to sell you my service. I can do a event coverage, I've done it before and ( to make things sounds SOOOOO serious plus professional, ) I'm a part of our local blog advertising company, Nuffnang which has just expended her network to Australia barely a week ago.


Anyway, after that Jonny went and despite being a little nervous, he went and crack out some Jonny-style joke. He said the best things he'd done in his time here in Poly is with hanging out with his classmates and friends.

Jonny got them to flow with him ( heads slanted together, must be black magic or something)

He went on and told them STRAIGHT AT THEIR FACES what he did last summer which is .. just not legally correct. He actually was part of a 7 person group fitted into a car driving round the campus.. its 6 actually, Jonny was on the car, literally.

Jonny again

Jonny got them laughing their ass out with his true tale.

It was soon over and we eventually made our way home. I seriously don't know what are our chances, and I don't really care too. I'll let them do the deciding and geo'll do the ranting.

P/s: This post has gone a little off tracked, sorry bout that. Was supposed to blog about my experience regarding this matter, but end up highlighting the other two idiots.

Oh well.


geoshua said...

wtf were u advertising ur blog during the audition1! WTF

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Jordan said...

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