Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's That Time Again

I was sound asleep this morning and at around 8am as Keat was about to leave the house, this conversation took place:

Keat : Bye JORDAN I'm going out already!

5% Conscious JORDAN : ..uh all the best..

Keat : Er?

6% Conscious JORDAN : all the best , all the best

Keat : What?

6.5% Conscious JORDAN : all the best Keat

Keat : But I'm only going for inline skating. Why wish me all the best ?

i never heard what she said and was fully on autopilot mode, but that sentence was just too long to handle .. so I finally managed to say.. something.

7 % Conscious JORDAN
( having totally lost track of time due to the upcoming term test) : What day is it ?

Keat :( WTH???? ).. Today is a Sunday. OKAY JORDAN I'm going out already bye bye JORDAN

Jordan : Eh..? bye bye

LOL !!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where Are The PICTURES?

I wrote a nice chuck of words to share my thoughts on today's Nuffnang SG blood drive event..

The paragraph isn't meh type

..only to delete em' all after reading it back. I guess it just wasn't meant to be remembered as my writing style. It happens quite often, and it's no big deal.

Anyway, as I was trying to convey earlier, I was at the event today and I want to do a blog post on it, but can't due to the lack of pictures (none actually) of the event. Totally forgot to bring a camera so that's that. No pictures= no blog post= no updates.

Fortunately Josh, Venessa+ Venessa Jr and Valerie+Boss were all there and I'm gonna get my supply of captured moments from them asap. Josh, Van , Val, if any of you are reading this, do send me your pictures via email so I'll get to share our experience there today.

On other matters, I'm having my test whole of next week which means a lack of online appearance and almost every other thing related to it so do expect Das Connection and balistafear both to be cold as never. Should be back on the go again by Friday, who knows.

Finally I'm going to add a few new sidebar widgets to the already long list of necessary but boring shit to your right. A calender event tracker, a picture, among others.

Have a nice day.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Das Connection is now with an MP3 Player

Hah. Music has always been part of me, it's like a frequency ever flowing in my blood, in my vain.

Now I've added this new brilliant widget resembling a physical mp3 player on the blog, so I get to share my hearings to you all.

It's somewhere there on the sidebar, so scroll down and check it out. I'll leave it on auto play and , scroll down again if you decide you need to shut it up.


I'm planning to fave separate play lists for my different music tastes- trance& eurodance, hiphop, english pop, My Top Fabs and Oldies.

Leave a comment on what you like , don't mind hearing and .. hate too. Thanks. Enjoy!

Edit: Something wrong with the uploader, so no songs for now. Shall be up in a day or two.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If I Wasn't Me

HPL's itchy hands created this photo of me out of the blues.

Which I find actually is.. hmmm..


I think I'll just stick with being thin.

You get to keep the extra fats to yourself

That's What Friend's are For

It comes once a year, your time is here and you're one year older

and the picture is yours, too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simply Surreal

Today after class me, Geoshua and Jonny had stayed back in school to study for our upcoming mid semester test(MST) next week when something else happened again.

This is Jonny. HPL calls him the Long Hair freak

..and this is Geoshua . He's the other long hair freak OMFG.

Geoshua was having a Mister Miss BE Singapore Polytechnic contest interview at 7pm, and prior to that we were doing our routine full of nonsense so-called studying. We have agreed that since we are already staying back till so late, we might as well just follow him for his interview and laugh at him give him moral support.

Their Advertisment

We jokingly tried some videoshooting to prepare Geoshua with the pressure later.. but the camera somehow still ended up towards Jonny in the end.

Geoshua testing

Jonny Testing

The time came and we went to the interviewing venue. Upon arrival the dude there suggested to us that since we all three came, we might as well just go for the interview too.

I was quite thrilled by it because, not only am I able to gain experience at handling such situation, I might also leave this event with something.

I'm officially in.

That something is less to do with winning the title, and more to do with promoting and publicising my blog to the rest. Cool yeah? Talk is cheap la, bro. Anyway, I'm sure many can think of that, but not many actually have the guts to do it. As for myself, since interviews has quite become one of my specialities, I choose to Just Do Itt.

Geoshua was positive about it too and quite supportive ( he was just trying to save his A$$ by dragging us along and sharing the spoils) but Jonny.. he's quite reluctant and unsure about it. Somehow I've managed to convince him we do this all together, and so he joins in.

Contestant #75396 - Contender or Pretender?

Geoshua went first and being the genuine and only title contender between us, he was just the typical Mr Mrs Competition material- funny, adventurous, open, confident, presentable and chilling. He said the typical answers to the related questions about it, and won their hearts like the real deal.

Come my turn, I found myself in reality, speaking my point across in such trademark manner to two bigheads plus three girls the right-most one is very pretty who were my interviewer. I was soon trying to convince them unlike those people before me, I'm different because I'm a blogger, not just any blogger but the rare breed which thrives and survives by their audience.

I continued with more of this nonsense;

I'm here to sell you my service. I can do a event coverage, I've done it before and ( to make things sounds SOOOOO serious plus professional, ) I'm a part of our local blog advertising company, Nuffnang which has just expended her network to Australia barely a week ago.


Anyway, after that Jonny went and despite being a little nervous, he went and crack out some Jonny-style joke. He said the best things he'd done in his time here in Poly is with hanging out with his classmates and friends.

Jonny got them to flow with him ( heads slanted together, must be black magic or something)

He went on and told them STRAIGHT AT THEIR FACES what he did last summer which is .. just not legally correct. He actually was part of a 7 person group fitted into a car driving round the campus.. its 6 actually, Jonny was on the car, literally.

Jonny again

Jonny got them laughing their ass out with his true tale.

It was soon over and we eventually made our way home. I seriously don't know what are our chances, and I don't really care too. I'll let them do the deciding and geo'll do the ranting.

P/s: This post has gone a little off tracked, sorry bout that. Was supposed to blog about my experience regarding this matter, but end up highlighting the other two idiots.

Oh well.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Reflection of Passion

I've been wondering, it's been barely a month plus since I've existed on Innit and how much social changes have I experienced ever since.

I've gotten to know a handful of people running parallel with my frequency, and also made quite a number of friends.

Well mind you, I'm that type of person who's very particular about the boundary between contacts and friends. Contacts to me are people whom I acknowledge their existence, and friends are people how I've accept into my inner circle of 'approved' contacts. It's a very in depth issue altogether so I'm skipping this whole thing altogether for today. If you get what I mean.

Anyway, I feel like pulling in names today, so among others; gay Josh the fellow KL-ite, HanPeiling the abnormal minded charbor, CathyC my neighbour's twins kaki, JunJun the occasional online conversationalist , Weijie one of the first blogger I've met in person and the special Karmen-don't-do-Innit gal. Rest includes Jess, WilliamNg, VenessaAbby, Forest Joyce, HP Celestial, Cedric , Yiling and every other idiot along the way. Not to mention the other idiot I've brainwashed into doing Nuffnang, called Geoshua. And the list goes on and on and on.

Edit: Forgot to include this BeanDots I danged her gal, and the trio MayXD, TzeLih & Joanna( whats her new name again) gal, all three who'm I've known in person before even joing Nuffnang. Links currently unavailable LOL.

Long time followers would have noted too the Sean Koh flame war I've started among others, and also the other direct hit at Nuffnang Sg but as they say, time heals. I've gotten over it all and looking back at it, it's actually rather funny how single minded I was back then. All this, which is barely just a month earlier.

Reflecting back on this too, I actually kinda like meeting new people from the blogosphere. My words coming out aren't representing my message and isn't conveying my message but heck, I'll ignore that for once.

I'm writing this today to share my social experience with everyone instead of just myself, and honestly speaking, I've got no idea where is this going. I might be criticize and slam for this, or I might get some backing for whatever reasons. Or maybe even make a new friend or two.

It's never an easy task writing out experiences and reflections to words, but I'm trying to for reasons I don't know well either. Gimme a chance, for once , listen with your heart.

Share with me your opinion about this :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making Something Out of Nothing: Now That's Business

Today after the routine dinner with my hostel kakiis , we went to another local supermarket to restock on our supplies when I've found myself in another typical Das-Connection situation.

The hostel kakiis

While browsing through the garbage on display there, I've came across a stack of Coke 1.5L cartons, the Coke being sold individually. The thing which caught my attention wasn't the price , but rather the label on it.

The label being as ambiguous and catchy as ever, mentioned something about the possibility of winning something Great' just by checking below the cap.

my Great ≠ your Great

From a logical person's point of view, the Great™ under that circumstances( Coke's Great™ w/o saying what, is more likely to be not-so-Great™, else they would just display the real great prize) wound be not so great, but from a optimist's point of view, the great could mean something really great.

Do you see what I see?

So I proceed to gave it a little supernatural vision of mine and picked out the lucky bottle from the lot. It's actually quite simple, there's a 99% chance the bottle I've picked out is the winning bottle for a car, but it wouldn't work on me because I'm the one who picked it out. So, what do you do with a bottle possibly containing a your-future car which you can't benifit from it directly? You sell it away.

Greatness , the Coke style

There I was then trying to convince Keat, Rahul, Melvin and the rest that just for a insanely low investment of $10, they are very likely to be a car richer. I know, I know it sounds really ridiculas from a neutral's point of view, but when it comes to things like this, you just gotta trust me.

She's just not buying it..

I asked around but apparently noone is willing to give it a go. At one corner of this island there are HDB aunties and uncle queueing up so passionately to try their luck with Singapore Pools, whilst at somewhere else there's me offering this great offer to my buddies, yet nobody's game for it. What a waste.

It's business, and it's nothing personal

So in the end I bought the Coke myself for the genuine love of Cokes and while enjoying the gassy sweetness of it, I checked the lid. And true enough, the thing didn't work on myself. Oh well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Fairprice Hexic Moment

Today during one of my regular dinner trip down to Clementi with my kakiis, something out of the ordinary caught my attention which has gotten me to blog about it.

While doing my routine aimless browsing of the stuff at the local Fairprice, we happened to stumble upon some funny flowery shaped pillows.( since when do Fairprice sell Flowery Shaped pillows?)

Keat with a Love-shaped Nugget pillow

Most of them resembles a flower shape and and looks downright innocent, other than the fact that it resembles Hexic stars a lot.

MSN's Hexic

Fairprice's Hexic

Anyway I eventually came to agree with Keat that these are actually quite lovely things.. maybe because they are pink, big and wide( macam a moon cake or kueh or something edible).

We started posing with the pillows and were on a high, happily snapping pictures with it.

Her definition of balance..

..and this is my definition of balance

..until we got chased away from Fairprice Photography by an uniformed Fairprice limpei uncle I mean. So that's that.

We eventually left the place with a flower to call our own <3

Friday, November 21, 2008

It Get's Fishy When It's Too Easy

As you read this, I'm here typing it ( duh?) in a computer lab as a software quiz is underway.

I've done my paper, saw no fault in it and completed it in quite a short while. Thing is, the rest of them are mostly still doing it. Which makes me wonder, maybe there's something wrong with something.


It's gets fishy when it's too easy, yeah? It always is that way.

I hope I don't mess anything up big time now.

. . .

Update: As I posted that entry just seconds ago, my phone rang. I'm guessing it's those Nuffnang peeps calling regarding the blooddrive this Saturday. My techno ringtone broke the silence momentarily haha, just my luck?

Guess what too? The Geo-gay-shua next to me is picking the bloody lock again, of all times, now. Lol.

DON'T BOTHER Reading this. Unless you really care to.

BABABABABABA you know what? I've been soo engulf in blogging in recent weeks that I've lost touch of my original self. There's no longer any private life of meself, no updates on my happenings, no nuts. Just bullshit A to Z. Thing's which does not bear any mean after the short initial reading stages. There's something missing in me, in meblogging style. I hate to face it but it's just a matter of time before it comes back to get me. I'm accomplishing my goal in this battle, while also realising I'm losing this war.

Not literally, it's just a saying. Point is there was once upon a time when I blogged for personal reasons, and the blog although satisfy my inner needs, never really got going. Eventually time caught up and inconsistency got the better of it. But that blog became the inspiration to me, now, because at the very least, the entries there are linked to each another rather than more often than not, seen as Randomness like those, here. As I'm writing this, I wonder how many of you even is reading this. By now many of the visitors here would be gone already, so if you still are congrats, sincerely from me. I've made a new paragraph for that previous sentence, but I've decided to take it out, just to see who's really reading and not merely scanning through this chunk of words.

Noticed too I've started this blog entry with a BABABABA. It is actually what my friend claR calls(tease) me in class. But I've written that because, maybe deep inside I long for a total makeover. Maybe that's why I've started this shit with that. Could have been the reverse. What am I talking about? Okay, that's more randomness. Ougtta cut down on that.

I'm changing my personal views at blogging already. I'm officially out of the viewership race. That's what I say now, being a fickle minded flictshot reduces the crediblity of that. Oh well.

Nuffnang blood drive is next saturday. I hope I've done enough between now and then to merit myself with a timeout from the upcoming termtest and attend the event. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Got Josh number today unanticipated. Got more of my german classmate friend. Who is Andrew's friend too who is Priscilla's NS kaki too whom I don't know much about, nor am I wanting to know. Hypocritical again?

Maybe I ought to do this lengthy posty every now and denny for peopley who really the carry like my Where-Are-Youey Sharonny. What's with the you-know-what?

Tomorrow there's futsal again with the 23 buddyclassmates of mine. Great, soccer = no problem. Maybe not, but it's derived from the reverse, Problem = No Soccer. Right right right?

Hahaha cheers. If I listen to my inner suggestion, you followers of this blog will see more of this in the future though not often. Just there, just nice.

Bye all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Archive of Current Craze

The Stupid Cat - From don't know when to Dec 9 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just His Luck

Something particularly funny happened to one of my friend today.

Due to privacy purposes, their identity are all witheld.

. . .

It all started as they were walking around school doing their own business..

when suddenly he felt the urge to..

.. scratch his lampa.

For you info

And to do so, he had to make sure the coast is clear.

And when it's safe(or so he thinks) , he proceeded to do what needs to be done.

scratch in spectacular style

With his hand in his pants correcting the needs correction, the ultimate unthinkable happened.


So, moral of the story: Don't anyhow scratch your lampa in public!

Plan B

The previous Spongebob video stripped down version on Kakiis is a disaster, I adknowledge that.

That's why there's this.

Hear from me, from this, in 2 days time.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Male Toilet Etiquette!

Ever wondered why guys are super highly efficient at doing their business in the toilet? Like how we never fail to go in second, and yet still come out first compared to the ladies?

Here's exactly why just so.

The Secret of.. Male Toilet Etiquette

Well, it's because we all have been born with knowledge of the Unspoken Rule Of Male Restroom Etiquette.


Seriously speaking, this is one of my personal all time favorite. If you've been wondering where on Earth do I get my inspiration/develop my sassy sweet sarcasm, this is one of it!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Tell You a Story

Lately my mind has been so null, my heart so emotionless, thoughtless.

The end.


Feedback Session: Part 2

I'm going to do a makeover, initial post here.

Frankly said,

Do's & Maintain:
1. Smart + sarcastic stuff.
2. Include some personal matters.
3. keep the simple background.
4. add funny stuff like from Geoshua's blog comment I usually leave.
5. start some flame war suggested by KB<- after you.

Improve/ Modify:

1. blog layout( modified already)
2. develop a distinct blogging style.
3. use a more definate layout. TB-considered.
4. get a catchy header-okay.

And I'm going to create another blog for personal ranting purpose, so readers of Das Connection does not need to read the boring shyt inbetween proper post.

Just for those who really cares, here.

Whatever whatever la people. Haha thanks all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blog having a transition.

I'm thinking about what I need to do,as part of my blog makeover.

Here are the things I have in mind, most likely certain to stay.

- Another blog is going to be created to accomodate all my personal/private matters, while das-connection will be where I share my entertainment and rubbish.

- I'm going to be serious about blogging already. No more out of place nonsense, if you know what I mean.

That's it for now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feedback Session

I've been giving a deep thought about the blog. I've envision great things, and it starts here.

I want to hear from you all, my readers, your opinion of my blog to enable me to improve this blog further.

Here are two main things I would like to know from you.

1. What do you like about my blog/ What are the strengths of my blogging style.

2. What do not like about this blog, and would prefer to be changed.

Any other opinion would also be appreciated.

Please leave a comment at the comment section, as a blogger or just your name and url.

I'm hoping to hear from everyone, and am expecting to hear from close friends and frequent readers.

Thanks in advance.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Uniquely Malaysia

To fellow Malaysians, you should know about this.

It's funny how when the world is totally engulfed with the current happening in the US, somewhere else on earth in a place called Malaysia, a local community has created an online debate which sparks a massive negative response from fellow country mates on the net.

Long story said short, basically it's like this:

- Malaysian1 don't like what he's seeing at his local mall in Kelantan.

He/she has a problem with dressings like this. Apparently it's not according to the Islam way, or whatever.

- He creates a blog to share his dislike of them to the world. He post pictures of self-standard indecent dressing codes on display at the mall.

- The news about this blog spread , and sparks negative responces from fellow Malaysian bloggers from all across.

- Mejority of the readers are against this blog, and feels shameful about it's existence showcasting the ugly side of Malaysia to the world.

. . .

A few other blog's which covered this :

Lastly, this is my comment the first time I heard of this from BL's blog-

I don't know but there's somany opinion running through my mind on that.

1. I'm considering doing a coverage on that blog which I do not have a liking for.

2. I'm considering point 1 because it might spark an outrage from parts of the community.

3. Frankly speaking, I don't like this modern malay language. To me, it reflects on how much they are willing to go to hide from the truth that Malay is very very limited a language compared to English, German and Chinese. And how much they choose to live in oblivion by accepting it's cool to practice it.

4. I am not really racist, but I have a disliking for traditional Malay's of our generation who doesn't do English, but are very good at the so called Modern Malay.

5. I understand that the author has a sincere purpose, and I personally feel the blogger is disillusionised. If he/she can do blogging in a place like Kelantan, then nothing should stop him/her from realising malay is not something practised widely online. Or something like that.

6. The person who snaps those pictures really have guts. And have a problem with these new trends. The blog's first entry confirms that too.

7. The blog is going nowhere foward.

Pardon me if there's any offensive remarks, but that's spontanious,that's just me.

I can't help but feel disgusted by it's existence too.

This is really a disgrace to Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mc'Donald's Double DOUBLE Cheeseburger

I heard from the dude of my local MacDonalds of Singapore , they will be releasing a killer menu this 10th November 2008.

They are going to double the already doubled burger patty of Big Mac and DoubleCheese burger.



Imagine this:


After 10th November 2008: TRANSFORM!


You are free to express yourself now, my burger.

I want to know what's your opinion, so please leave a comment alright!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Girl and 7 Guy: The picture about one Ori and countless Wannabe

Screw Korea ,Korean girls and all the Japs in between.

Stumbled upon this from Jeff's blog. Click to enlarge, duh.

Basically it's a picture of one real girl and seven other imposters, fake, gays, tranny, ahguas crossovers guys.

Odd one Out
Odd one In

Answer will be revealed soon,hopefully.

I Found It!

You wouldn't believe it, seriously.

by Jordan

I went hunting for it at Ochard today, after some wise advice by some smartass (like Ivan)

According to him, it's the solution to your assignment problems. Just get one, put it in the microwave oven ,wait a while and hand it over to your lecturer while it's still hot. Or something like that, it's really that simple.

I guess I actually manage to find it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hotel 626 Guide

I've mention this many times in bits and pieces to many people, and I guess it's time to compile and spell it all out in words, so everyone get to know what's actually Hotel 626.

Also included is a list of tips and guides at the end of the post.

Welcome Home

it can't be that bad, right?

Hotel 626 is an online flash production bringing the surfer into an animated hotel. It starts with us waking up in this hotel room, and progress from there.

keep a lookout for something similar to this

The objective is never mentioned, but it's as obvious as it gets: GET OUT OF THE FREAKING HOTEL.

you really wish you see this when you get in the game

Which is easier said than done. Basically the whole experience is about navigating around and attempting to tackle all scenarios to get out ALIVE.

neverending doors to nowhere

The rest of the adventure is up to you to discover, which is exactly what this is all about.

see me

This game also requires the user to be in the most condusive ambience, by switching off all light source other than the monitor, and also have a functioning speaker with clear sound level. And, as a bonus, they reccomend having a webcam on for reasons you-to-find out.

The graphic of this game is truely top notch, despite running on Flash player. Don't be fooled, it's really that good. Just give it a go and chances are you'll be controlled by the game.

thing's aren't always as it seems

The audio is also very similar to those from horror films, the only difference is then you're the spectator, now you're the player. It doesn't get better than being the player itself, yeah?

be reminded of the Ring

I have no idea what image to accurately associate this with, so you just have to trust me with this. It really is a worthwhile experience never to be missed.

Remember, play it with the lights off and speaker turned on.

you'll need all the help you can get

Oh besides, the hotel is only open from 6pm to 6 am, like all great hotels does.

This is your chance to grow some balls..seriously

As they put it..

" only by facing your darkest fear
you will see the light "

Tell me when you're done, let me know you're the one.

A little tips and guides for tackling the game, should it be needed.

1. Unlike most games, this game has numerous routes to escape. You may beat all the level , or even get dragged around( if you get what I mean) but still escape.

2. Play in the optimum conducive ambiance. It really helps. Point 3 to understand further what I mean.

3. You see, this game is one of those rare stuff, and just like in life it's all about the journey not the destination. So don't be too eager to win it just for bragging rights, but instead enjoy every move you make in the game. Enjoy it, and one day eventually it will come to an end.

4. For starters, if you don't already know, when things don't go according to plan (i.e. walk then suddenly blackout and Try Again?), key is to keep clicking your mouse on the screen on various things you see.

5. Con't. Maybe a door is outstanding. Or maybe the light. Who knows, try it and find out.

And finally.

6. If you keep on getting messed up in the game and not progressing, I suggest you take a break and come back another day. As the saying goes, a new day, a new spirit .

Enjoy the Ride!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pre-birth Babies(Fetus) served as a Delicacy in China


There's this chain mail circulating around lately, about human fetus(prebirth babies) being served as a delicacy which is said to improve love-making power.

Guangdong's 3000 yuan (baby) soup

According to the mail,

-Called Guangdong's 3000 yuan (baby) soup

-Ingredience : a few months old baby, Morinda, Codonopsis, Angelica, Qi Zi, ginger, chicken ribs. Braised for eight hours

-A few pregnent foreign workers are at standby mode incase the order comes in.

-The price is based on the size of the months.

-The induction of living close to full-term fetus, they have to pay 2000 yuan red packets to the parents of a baby girl.

Gross and Inhumane!