Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lighters are Modern Day Marvels

Was modifying my earthquake competition model just now, with the aid of this fiery devils.

The lighters were called into action on a mission to melt the hot glue residue and to provide a smooth finishing surface.

The thing is, ordinary lighters with their ordinary size flame isn't sufficient enough.

So, solution?

Modify the gas output to produce a larger flame.

Graphic from

So after some quick lighter modification, I have at my disposal some serious lighters which produces and sustains serious sized flames.

You know, when things isn't working as it should, they are always new dimension being explored. Things new to everyone, things not generally known to happen( which nonetheless still could happen). Of course, playing with big fire is fun when with a bigger fire, more things could be burnt at any one time. But then again, this blog entry is actually about the opposite..
..What could actually go wrong with a home modified typical lighter?

Innocent looking lethal figure waiting for the Call of Suicide 4

Frankly speaking, not alot.

But not a lot doesn't mean it's nothing or almost nothing to be worried about.

Firstly, when the fire gets big, it produces an more burnt area, including the lighter itself. Meaning, the lighter itself WILL catches fire eventually because of the simple fact that it's made of plastic and plastic catches fire. So, lighter catches fire. No big deal , uh?

Then. So assuming the lighter has already caught fire and is burning on it's own without human interference. What's next? Again, to predict the future, we must firstly understand the anatomy of a lighter. A lighter is actually a container containing gas compressed into liquid form. It is therefore correct to interfere a lighter is actually a pressurized gas containment. And when pressurized stuff gets in contact with heat, it spells trouble.

The lighter is a risk of ex.plo.ding sending sharplets in all direction, and striking those unfortunate souls in range. You don't wanna be there when it happens.Trust me, you really don't.

Too bad I don't capture images of lighter on the verge of destruction.

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