Friday, October 24, 2008

Video in the Making

I've spent two hours alone on the audio itself, and it's about 80% completed. It's due tomorrow noon, so you peeps can watch the final version latest by then.

Update: Apparently the video I'm trying to upload is..too big. Or maybe I'm just too noob at Adobe Premiere Pro somethingsomething that I don't know how to reduce the size to something workable.

Oh by the way, the size of the current file is 2.3 gig.

So it shall wait. Looks like they won't be any preview of the video after all.


cheahwey said...

How about reducing the bitrate?

kianbung said...

reduce resolution, reduce bitrate... and use a different file format?

but yeah, editing is a bitch. i would know. =D

Jordan said...


i was surprised you both actually visit my blog at such awkward hours man.

The rendering itself takes up to 10 minutes lol. Render until I become rendered.

I'll give it a go now, see if it works. But 2 gig for a vid is HELL BIG, cant you agree more.