Monday, October 20, 2008

Twin-Age, What If?

About a week ago I was at Clementi central having my dinner with my dinner clique as always, when the sight of a pair of teenage pretty girls buying MacDonalds caught my attention.

The word pair refers to [she x 2], as in identical twins. Identical "chio-bu" twins.

Of course, all it takes is just a pretty girl to catch a guy's attention, but a pair? Which is not the point.

After they had gone only did I realised it's potential and significance to the blogging cause. By then, they had disappeared into a bus and gone for good. I kind of regretted not taking a picture with them, for blogging sake.

Anyway, that got me thinking what if everyone on Earth comes in a pair?
What are not alone.

Well that would be cool wouldn't it?[We x 2] get to go to school with our twin,[We x 2] walk and talk like our twin, [he x2] even pees with each other's twin!

Twin 2 snapped the picture of twin 1 'doin what they do best'

Geoshua[x 1] again,the very generous volunteer.

I kinda figured this out too.

Twins then have to stay near each other because there exist a bondage aura between both individuals, and they would have to be near each other all the time or risk malfunctioning.

[He x 2]might look abit gay at times too, but I'm sure [he x 2] won't really mind coz nothing beats doing things in a pair.. even if it means stoning.

And during difficult times, we get to share our problem with our duplicated self. Who else knows ourself better than..ourself right?

Money problem, divided by half

During good times, the joy is also doubled.

Double girlfriend too

. . .

Oh well, that's just a random thought.

Next time I should go and acquire a twin and together we could come up with more random thoughts :D

p/s : I quite hate this post, I just don't know why. I should really go and get a twin of my own. Any suggestions where are they available? This is the Twin Age; Age of the Twins.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

hahaha.. i only hope i can get a twin gf... 1 stone hit 2 bird.. lolllllll

Jordan said...

lol the stone would have its twin too.. since everything comes in a twin. Maybe due to overpopulation, half the earth inhabitants should move to another planet, say Earth 2

What bullocks lol.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

This idea of people trying to date twins ah.. what shit is that.. tsktsk..

We are not for sharing!!!

Jordan said...

hahahahaha who knows maybe because they are twins, they both have that same love chemistry, so they share the same taste.

So in the end twins date twins. Thats how it came about.