Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Journey to the North, Part 1

Note: This post is contributed by Ivan from his personal blog entries @ Ivantong.blogspot.com in conjunction of my sudden craze I have been experiencing lately.

Do note the original piece is also available there, and this entry has been slightly modified to fit in. It comes in 3 parts ,to be published over a few days.

This entry is written from Ivan's perspective so I'm appearing as your third person's point of view.
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This actually happen quite sometime ago, but it is interesting enough that I am willing blog about it.

This whole thing started with a simple chatting session with one of my friend, Jordan aka balistafear. So there we were were, chatting about how he dislike the hectic lifestyle of Singapore and how he longed for the peaceful jungles of Malaysia.

A couple of month later, his semester break arrived and he came back to MAS with his lust for jungle running at a all time high. He even manage to convince one of his flat mates (who goes by the name Rahul from India) to come along. Since this was his idea, I naturally let him do all the planning and purchasing of necessary items with promises of future payment.(we then proceeded in getting our nessasary supplies and 2 tents in which he stole it from our X school).

Eventually the day of departure arr ivied. The train was schedueled to leave at 9pm so I have decided to be early and arrived at his house at 6pm.....

Only to realize that he has done nuts. Haven't pack, haven't had dinner, haven't even gotten the train tickets!!

Jordan @ Work

So I started rushing him and by 8.30 we somehow managed to pack most of our stuff. Once at KL central, Jordan's sister volunteered to go ahead to get our tickets while we luge our SUPER DUPER VERY THE HEAVY haversack out from the car. Which sort of proof to be a mistake, because instead of buying the cheapest ticket available, she got the Not-So-Cheap™ ticket. Well, at lease the Not-so-cheap ticket comes with a bed.

" With just 1 min to spare, we rushed towards the the platform, jumping down 5 steps at a time. Upon reaching the platform, to our horror, we realize the train was already moving. We burst into a sprint. Jord and Rahul manage to get onto the train before me. I however lagged behind, and with every ounce of energy, I push myself like i never did before and barely manage to catch the steel bar at the end of the train as it accelerates out of the station "


Ok, there was no running to catch up with the train while it accelerate away from the station nonsense. But fact is we very nearly missed it.

Ivan & his Coffin

The EIGHT hours ride was kind of uneventful. The bed was small rather small, kind like a coffin, and after putting my haversack at one end, there is barely enough space for me to sleep. Soon enough, we reached Butterworth station where took a ferry across the sea towards Penang.

Enjoying the morning breeze

Penang Island at the first light of the day

Upon reaching the island, I suggested that we take a cab. But SOMEONEjust had to save an extra buck. So we waited one and a half hour for the bus. Well, I can't really complain as it saved me about RM20. So we went around asking for buses that will take us to our destination. Which is "The End of the world"(plays epic song).

Our money saver

Thus it was, we boarded the bus and with all our VERY HEAVY STUFF took the whole back row of the bus on a 45min trip to the END OF THE WORLD!! (plays epic song again)

Which uncle that came up with this name seriously have style

To Be Continued..

. . .

Credits to Ivan @ ivantong.blogspot.com.

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