Thursday, October 30, 2008

These Cat's are Human Chickens.

" There's this room which has this ladder fixed on to the ground located in the center. Somewhere just above the top of the ladder is a bunch of bananas tied and left dangling from the ceiling.

Ten monkeys are then released into the room and kept there for a few days. Whenever any monkey tried to climb up the ladder to reach for the bananas, a watcher will spray all the monkeys with water until no monkeys are on the ladder anymore.

After the first day, one monkey is replaced with a new monkey. The monkey tries to grab the bananas but later found out from the other 9 monkeys the hard way to never to do so without even having any water being sprayed at the monkeys.

And so no monkey ever tries to climb the ladder from then onwards, with each new monkey learning this unspoken rule from the veterans monkeys.

A monkey is replaced everyday , and this whole scenario repeats itself until a point when all the original 10 monkeys have been replaced.

Even after all the original monkeys are long gone, the unspoken monkey understanding lives on as a tradition, despite the fact that all the monkeys now no longer know Why this is really happening, and never will. "

. . .

Back to the reality.

My housing area is littered with this small population of cats, about 20 in total. From afar these eye-candies look very friendly and kind, but upon moving into their deemed-safe distance, they will start running for their lives and disappear within a matter of seconds.

It got me concluding that once upon a time ago these cats were abused by the locals here, and a few generations down the line, these current generation have been taught to never come withing human contact, despite living literally side by side with us all the time.

Three, Two, on..


I've always a soft spot for felines, but I just hate them for Why they are.

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