Friday, October 3, 2008


This is freakin funny. One moment I thought I was already awake when I saw the time being at 9.26am. I remembered delaying the alarm to 9.45am. I mean,

9.26am = nice number,

9.45am = nicer number

right? Something like that la. If you get what I mean.

And the next thing for all I know is I'm hearing my phone ringtone and when I checked the time again, it's 11.30am. Omg. And phone ringtones don't just go off for no reason , ya know?

Was supposed to be at Boon Lay Mrt @ 11am, but I .. just wasn't.

The funny part of this whole thing is how almost two hours of deep sleep felt like it was merely a few minutes in sleep time! And yes, I'm supersure I didn't hear any alarm!

Conclusion- Sleep. And Wake UP, On TIME!

Oh by the way, the previous post regarding Marie, it's at 4.30 am this morning. Lol. She's such a cool couz =)

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