Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Musical 3 Premiere Gala @ VIvo City Event Coverage

Here it is you peeps, finally.

Last Sunday was Nuffnang's latest event gathering, this time known as High School Musical 3 Premiere Gala. This is OLD news already, but just for the sake of it, it was held at Vivo City.

Since it was my first time attending such an event, I was filled with high expectations. I was expecting a get-together session, a group photo session and maybe even some light bites. But nah, it all wasn't to happen.

I don't usually do much photo coverage on my blog but for this event I am. Just a short one though, which nonetheless still sums everything up.

Meera, just kill me!

So those there then like me were on a lookout for something Nuffnang-ee which we could go and claim our free tickets from.

Like this. ( this only appeared way after the starting ticket collection time, even Raine admits to this slight mess!)

We got our tickets and before soon went in for the movies. It's nothing much frankly, just more high school musical which jordan DON'T watch. Seriously, at one point I felt like the serious amount of audio and visual being controlled my the movie and the cinema is killing me. Yes, seriously.

Teenager+ Romance+ Musical+ more Teenagers = Dead Jordan

Many credits too to this bunch of people too for making the event real.

that's Raine by the way, the person who sent us our winning emails in yellow

(I'm still wondering how they managed to positioned themselves in such incredible formation in just a matter of seconds upon notice!)

And as always, I'm up to something different again this time. Where everyone came for the movie, I came for the people. I went around meeting new people out of the blues. Despite it not being a success, it wasn't quite a disappointment either.

Among others, this new found local blogger friend, HP

And here, Wiejie, Joyce and myself, all known each other online beforehand.

Them too, Sean Koh and his lucky girl, Jessica(whom I've misplaced her blog address, sorry gal) which I approached due to their professional journalist/blogger/reporter appearance.

And lastly, even Keat found her classmate here! It just gets sweeter and sweeter doesn't it?

Oi Keat and Samantha

Well thats about it.

I'm still quite wondering why they even called it a Gala, when no food whatsoever was served. No photo taking session too, even to the surprise of veteran event goer Cedric. Haha so next time, food please Raine and Co.!

Cheers peeps.


Anonymous said...

hey dude, I tot u hate him so much? How come now you both so close?

Jordan said...

Haha. I never actually hated him, just a slight dislike.

It's more like coz of individuality differences, something little can be done about. So in other words it's nothing much actually.

Life is too short for hate, yeah?

TaNaT DaMaN said...

Heh, seems like Sean Koh aka MKP is the only one who looks different from everyone else!! Damn those glasses and cap. His friend Jess looks kinda cute (but Ive got better taste than that). As for me, most of my friends are from same MediaCorp celeb fanclubs. But I wouldnt mind bloggers too :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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