Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hair Like Noob

I've been hearing that for whole day today. In fact, I've been overexposed to it, so much that so I've found it to be my inspiration to blog about, out of absolutely nothing.

What was that I was hearing all day about again?

Oh, right. Hair like noob.

Pictureworks contributed by Ivan of Ivantong.blogspot.com

First things first, what is Noob supposed to mean?

I check up on Wikipedia but apparently their explanation is shit and I could do better myself erm

A noob actually is a term specially reserved for this particular class of people who just doesn't learn. Unlike newb(as in newbie), noobs are special because despite spending much time and effort in a particular thing which they do, they just don't get much/any better than most first timers. In extreme cases, some noobs are even worse than first times. How bad does it really gets is beyond one's sane judgement.

This word is used in this manner to describe a person, most of the time in the gaming society, and is completely abstract.

Here's some examples:


. . .

NOT noob.

. . .


. . .

Maybe noob.

. . .

Extra noob.

that's Geoshua by the way

. . .

Anyway, back to the topic.

So actually.. what is Hair like noob supposed to mean? As mentioned above, the term noob is completely abstract thus it cannot resemble anything concrete like Hair. Above all, how on Earth does it even come into existence in the very first place?

After giving it a deep though, I've came up with 3 possibility to interpret what it means.

Possibility #1

The word Noob had somehow evolved from other words such as sucky,ugly or even gay.

" Hair like very sucky "
" Hair like
very ugly "
or even
" Hair like
ghey "

It could be that. Only thing is, if it really did evolved from another more suitable word, why not just use the initial word to avoid a lack of understanding and make communication a less troublesome experience?

Just another example of communication breakdown
graphic from telemadrid.es

This possibility just doesn't feels right. But no worries, there's still possibility 2 & 3.

Possibility #2

The hair which is being referred as ' like noob' has somehow confidentially resembles someone my friend knows is a noob, and has hairs like that. So, the simile "hair like noob" actually may be referring to some real life person's hair.

Noobs with same hairstyle?

Very possible again, BUT. Apparently he wasn't the only person who used that method of comparison, the other being this her. That being said, it's becoming very unlikely unless everyone who uses that actually knows someone else who is a noob and all shares the same hairstyle.

Verdict- Not likely either. Which brings us to our last possibility.

Possibility 3

Maybe its like this. Hair like noob actually means noob hair, meaning the hair is a noob. The sentence sounds pretty normal , but come to think about it, what shit is that supposed to mean? Hair? Noob? Noob hair? How can hair be a noob is if isn't even human and more importantly, doesn't have a brain to think for itself to even be a noob!

This is pure madness.

Okay maybe this isn't a possibility after all.

. . .


What? There's possibility 4?

Hah. Maybe it wasn't meant to be taken all that seriously after all. It's just something people say when they want to leave logical rational thinking behind temporarily and just talk shit for awhile, for a change.

I'm guessing it's this. It just gotta be this,coz there's nothing else left it can be(did I missed out something else?)

Alright, so it is then.

So keep a lookout in the future for terms like " Your pen very noob la, Your MSN nick very noob la" or even "Theo 'diG very the noob" or something of that sort, you might just hear it one day.

" Aura the not noob "

The End

. . .

Oh by the way. That friend I was referring to is Geoshua, and he was complaining about his new hairstyle.

"..hair like noob. "

That's the hair we've been talking about.



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