Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't Buy This s.Hit

There's something really sucky around me lately.

It only sucks consistently between 10pm to 12pm daily.

. . . .

It's my blessed Internet.

I was skeptical ever since the first day I saw the Vodafone logo on it, let's just say coz they used to sponsor English Premier League club Manchester United, which sucks too.

It sucks because it gets very slow and due to that I almost always can't log on to MSN everyday during 10pm to 12 pm and browsing the Internet isn't much better too. It's as simple as that.

It should be alright if the user is at home all day and doesn't mind being not online during the daily online peak hours, but for a student who stuck with school obligation most of the time during weekdays, it's a whole different thing.

It's kinda feels like it's amplified by my own circumstances and I'm pretty much helpless to do nuts about it.

And the best part, it costs me Singapore $ 22 plus per month (that's like RM 53 by the way),for a consistent blood boiler. You may tell me money is money, it's purpose it to be spent, but the thing which gets me tulan is for say, double the price, some decent good shit is available out there.It's just too bad I don't have the financial flexibility for that.

I'm feeling more and more like him with each passing day
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I can't help but start interfering that this stuff might actually be still under experimental stage, and we are the generous lab rat testing out their products, and paying them in the process too , for some shit stuff which is intended to be improved in the near future. Or at lease something like that.

Those in Malaysia out there who's on Streamyx or whatever, I understand your plight of being exposed to shitty connection on a regular basis. But trust me, if you were in my shoes, this experience will still be something new to you.


If you're capable enough to read what I've just wrote, you ought to be smart enough to take my advice and don't buy this shit if you don't have to. Mark my words peeps.


TNH said...

who intro you to get that?Anyway..i think your internet access is till better than the one i have here...

Juanito said...

hey bro, why is it that u need to buy the modem? for my case it came free tho they mentioned that i will be charged like 10sgd for rental every mth but til now it is free...

the 22sgd that u paid is rather subscription or registration fees if u wish to subscribe to 3g wireless broadband... u will hv to return the modem upon termination of the contract or service.. and u will not be refunded the 22sgd.. (that is what i paid la)

btw, of late it has been very unstable in sg..are u on M1? mine is on M1, sucking big time

Jordan said...

Hey peeps.

> tnh : I kinda heard it via a friend whos also as new to this as me.I got mine bout 2 months or so after he got his,but during the time of purchase it was working fine. Or as juanito puts it, it's been sucky lately.

> juanito: Actually it's not really buy. Maybe it is, somewhat. I've deposited $200 for this product and will be getting back my deposit once i return the whole set back in working condition. And on top of that , another $ 22 more per month as monthly subscription fees. It's something like that, normal procedure leh.

Very agree with you that it's been very bad lately. Most likely conclusion i can think of is it's very crowded till it's clogging at night.