Friday, October 17, 2008

Blogsphere Networking Session for Nuffnangers this Sunday

This entry is address to all those of you fellow Nuffnangers who will be present this Sunday @ VivoCity 3pm onwards.

This is my first time attending such a event which brings bloggers together to meet in real life. And I am really looking foward to get to know new people from the blogsphere.

I'm already getting thrilled up with each passing moment prior to the get together session.

Please contact me and we'll exchange contacts. Hopefully we might just get to widen our online network with this.
Update: So far confirmed attendance of people I know are Hoonie and myself, plus Geoshua which status is still pending.


Jordan said...
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Jordan said...

Venessa keep in contact yeah. I really hope to see you there.

Jordan said...

Hey chef Qayyum here here !

ced said...

add me on msn/facebook and we'll exchange contacts there!

See you soon!

Jordan Tan said...

Added !