Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I wanna do right now

1. Drink some nice chocolate drink. ( Ovaltine sounds better)

2. Sleep. I'm always procrastinating my sleep time. Gotta change that if I'm serious about fixing myself for the better.

3. Unpack my luggages. It's still very much the way it is since I've arrived home. At this rate, it will only gradually intergrate itself back over time, as I slowly take whats needed when it's only needed. Or whatever.

4. I want to run. I want to ramp some soccer balls. Not possible though, I'm still recovering from [the previous entry] whatever it's called.

5 I want to get started on a few personal assignments that I have in mind.

Note- - CallofDuty from Mom
- CallofDuty of FYP
- CallforDuty on Earthquake Project
- (tocall)forDuty on finding a part time job

6. I'm craving for serious food. Not just some anyhow shit food which sole purpose of being consumed is to shut the hunger up. FOOD. SERIOUS food.

7. Speaking about that (point 6.) I'm currenly in some financial constrain. So, good food gotta wait, you just gotta wait Food™.


Time to stop typing and get going.
Kitchen to the going, Overtine in the making.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Double-C typa Praying

Let's get it right. Praying as in my context, isn't just your every other day praying.

Praying comes in various methods and types. Just like every other religion being practised out there, the praying I practise here is quite similar.

Just, quite similar.

As every religion has it's special own distinct prayer place, mine is no exception either. Only thing is, it's no mosque or church or whatever, but more towards the CC type. Oh yeah, CC. The double C which makes the word what it is even makes it sweeter just to think of it. So, how is the double C word used in our daily life with respect to the religion? Here's an example of a very commonly heard sentence involving the double-C word.

"Eh, what to do arh? Let's go pray la."


" Today is a Friday, I won't be free in the evening. Got my routine Friday prayers to do."

Image from http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7213/blitzoneyh4.jpg

Obviously, and if you haven't noticed, I mentioned two examples of double-C word, WITHOUT actually mentioning the CC word in either. It's no error at all, but rather the double-C word is actually integrated and synonym with the term Pray, which is somewhat disappointingly not globally understood.

. .

Do you do you not get it ?

Let's pray?

That's Veltra and Firzen praying.

I can't help but heap praises on what my fellow religion follower have got to say , apparently after having taken some time off from the routine praying. It's about methods on getting ourselves occupied with this new found free time, somewhat. Do check it out, cool shit.

Anyways, just for laughter

While browsing just moments ago, I've stumbled upon this. Freaking funny shit
well maybe coz it's not me! You fellow SS2-INC frequenters , BEWARE! HAHAHA

Saturday, September 27, 2008

..so addictive like wine running thru' your vains..

Random ranting again.