Friday, May 9, 2008

ADV: Ghost of Girlfriends Past

There was a dog. The dog is my dog. He had 7 other siblings, their parents are also my dogs. Actually it's just one day. His name is Texas. He decided one day enough is enough and he went away and came back some two weeks later with a wife. Not long later, she got swollen and out came the puppies.

Back to the dog.

The dog name is Pandadog. He is a white dog which is quite indifferent from the others, other than the fact that he since small, is like 25% bigger than his siblings.

He is 2 months old as I last recounted. He was born with 7 siblings, but over 2 months the number decreased down to 3 dogs. 2 got adopted, 2 got kidnapped and 1 simply went MIA. Pandadog is one of the last survivor of this roller coaster ride known as A Dog's Life.

The story now might make you to believe it's about Pandadog but no, it's isn't. The true tale here is not just about this dog, but instead it's about his mother.

I wish I had the pictures to accompany this post with, but she has always been very camera shy hence the absence of pictures.

I was away for some long time, and when I came back about 2 months ago I was just 4 days late of their birth. Even by then the female dog has made herself a resident of my house. I personally call her the Motherdog. She has very distinctive personality as I will always remember.

Despite being small in size, she has the S T R A Y running in her blood. She catches my neighbour cats and terminates them. She chases other dogs. She steals food from my dog. She milks her puppies. She have that odd smile which looks more like a grin to me. And she is homosapienphobic, I mean scared of humans.

Being the dog with such ugly nature as hers, I couldn't tolerate her presence in my neighbourhood and I rebelled against her plans by .. well nicely said, passing her pebbles and rocks from a far. This went on for some good two weeks.

Until, one fine day the authorities came and did what they do best, to end her misery. She has never been seen and will never be again, from that day onwards.

For as much as I thought I hated her then, I'm actually missing her now. A dog to cheer up my day when I see her fearful face running outside my house like a fugitive or a illegal immigrant.

She is gone now, but her ghost remains among the human and canine community of my house. And I do hope not to see you at night in some glow in the dark state!


Okay, that's the story of a dog and a ghost girlfriend. That's my interpretation of the combination of Ghost-Girlfriend and someone close.

As you can see, this is just noob stuff by general standards. So, for the real deal, don't forget to catch the professional version of ..

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Ghost of Girlfriends Past!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Star Trek ADV by NuffNang MY

Another advertorial about Startrek from Nuffnang. Ignore this if you don't know wad I'm talking. Lets laugh at the picture.

Willy I 0wn3d you :D

. . .
"Facts which I know about Star Trek and its casts"

1. Captain James T. Kirk's middle name is Tiberius.
2. Joan Collins had a role in 1967 episode The City On The Edge Of Forever in which the crew time-travel back to Earth.
3. She played a social worker who Kirk falls in love with - but has to let die.
4. Gene Roddenberry's wife Majel Barrett was the voice of the ship's computer.

I want to watch Star Trek the movie because of the advance technology used in producing this science fiction film. The movie has been around for a long while already and is very well know, but personally I am eager to watch it for the intergalatical fighting and explosion.

Catch Star Trek in cinemas on May 7!